Eiffel-dbxml (Eiffel interface to Berkeley DBXML)


Eiffel-dbxml is a freely-available Eiffel binding to Sleepycat's embedded XML database Berkeley DB XML.

Currently only tested on Redhat Linux 8.0 with ISE's 5.2 and 5.3 compilers, porting should not be difficult. However Eiffel-dbxml requires EDOM, which currently only works with ISE's compiler. Porting EDOM will be a bigger task.


Eiffel-dbxml is licensed under the Eiffel Forum License v2.0.

Berkeley DB XML has various options for licensing.


  1. Install Berkeley DB, Berkeley DB XML.
  2. Install EDOM.
  3. Download and unpack the Eiffel-dbxml distribution into a directory, and set the environment variable EIFFEL_DBXML accordingly (e.g. if you unpack into /opt, then set EIFFEL_DBXML to /opt/dbxml).
  4. Change to the tests sub-directory of the EIFFEL_DBXML directory.
  5. Edit $EIFFEL_DBXML/tests/system.xace so as to change any lines marked via comment if necessary.
  6. Type: geant test (or geant test_debug if you are the cautious type).
  7. If all tests pass then installation is succesfull.


The library code is heavily documented (so generate short forms). The test programs should show how to use Eiffel-dbxml. Also consult the Berkeley DBXML documentation.

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